IMG_3466IMG_8506Steve returned to The Aquarium Café Bar. He  invited two very special friends to join him. Singer Josee Brault has been astounding us with her heartfelt vocals, and when she sings with Steve, they take it to another level. Graham Ronne is one of Quebec’s finest young guitarists, who has also played with the likes of Randy Bachman. When he was in his late teen’s he’d go to Steve’s Jam nights, and would always be asked onstage. Fast forward a decade or more, and you’ll now hear two seasoned guitarists. Graham has been in Josee’s band SoulFusion for some time.  This was an evening of blues from the heart.



Aquarium Café Bar
2923 Masson, Montreal, Quebec H1Y 2X5
Friday, January 23,2015
Showtime: 9:00 PM