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Steve Rowe celebrates 2015 with a re-mastered CD of his favourite songs from his 20-year recording career called The Urban Bluesman. Mastering Artist Andrew Heermans of NYC once again shows off his talented ears by somehow making tunes from various recordings sound as if this was the intended album. These originals have become the most played and requested at any of Steve’s live performances. On this Anthology, the purity of the analogue recordings are forefront, giving it both a vintage and modern sound.  Click here for More




ROWE - FiveFrom early Blue Note jazz, Steve takes a detour to New Orleans¹ Mardi-Gras, back in time for some 30s jump blues, ending with a side trip to Memphis for a mid-60s Stax groove. Five brings a level of artistry and tradition that only comes after years of la vie en blues. Click here for More





ROWE-LAMHighlighting mostly his own originals, Live à Montréal has been dubbed “a guitar lover’s delight!”, and Steve himself as “a guitar hero!” Click here for More






ROWE-FRCFront Rowe Center is an invitation to experience – up close and personal – the evolving blues of Steve Rowe. The rich tones of his guitar envelop your senses ­ like vintage whiskey, mellowed with age ­ warm and welcoming in one breath ­ sultry and demanding in the next. Click here for More





ROWE-NRNRThat silver-haired string charmer is back with a whole new set of originals. Contemporary blues with a twist.  Click here for More






ROWE-DTBAWhen speaking of Driving, Steve commented, “this CD represents some of my favorite forms of the blues. Those Chicago-style shuffles or a Kansas City swing. I love that straight-ahead sound.” Click here for More