Postcard-2-copyClever lyrics, restrained, tasteful and lyrical guitar and tight band performances are what ‘No Refund, No Return’ has to offer. Good attention to guitar tone; Steve Rowe gets a strong, fat sound. He doesn’t overplay, or play fast for its own sake, and he mixes up guitar styles well. Overall, this album has good dynamics and a nice energy. (Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records, Chicago 2003)




If you didn’t catch the pride of Canada’s first CD, CRW_1001_JFRhere’s your chance to fix that problem with his second release “No Refund No Return”. If you buy this gem you will have the best that there is on offer anywhere. A great voice that can be soulful one minute, and strip the paint off the walls in the next. His guitar playing is controlled, but takes on a voice of its own with Steve coaxing sounds from it, in a manner that only he can do. (Big Al Watts PBS 106.7 FM Melbourne Australia 2002)CRW_0953_JFR

Steve Rowe is one of our top modern-day musicians. Amazing guitar, stellar voice, and great showmanship. If you don’t have his latest CD “No Refund, No Return”, it is your obligation to go get it now! (The Upper Room with Joe Kelley – WVOF 88.5 FM in Fairfield, CT, USA)

A wailing blues lead guitar is Rowe’s forte. (Dean Cottrill, The Montreal Hour 2000)

Straight-ahead amiable guitar-drivin’ boogie & blues courtesy of the nimble-fingered Mr. Rowe. (Blues Access, US)CRW_0879_JFR  CRW_0913_JFR CRW_0877_JFR CRW_0813_JFR CRW_0805_JFR CRW_0886_JFR



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