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 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal 

(2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2001 & 1999)

His masterful guitar-hero talent and road-pro versatility have won Steve Rowe a special place among players on the Quebec scene. With a career now stretching over 25 years, a blues he delivers with rare intensity and buckets full of emotion, and a six-string style that draws flattering comparisons with the British guitar gods of the ’60s, Steve Rowe communicates pleasure through his music and brings it to all who hear him! (FIJM 2011)ROWE-LAM


LIVE À MONTRÉAL Their show at last summer’s Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is documented in fine fashion here, with Rowe’s guitar prowess Front Rowe Center. Six songs from that last CD get beautifully recorded performances here, with Eric Khayat on sax and Sarah McElcheran on trumpet lending valuable support. As always, Al McElcheran plays bass and shares the vocals and Dominic Legrand is on drums for this show. Rowe sounds great, with a big fat tone, soloing fluidly throughout. Particularly on “Carlos & Me”, I think he out-Santanas his rival. Much the same happens on “Train to Gatton” and “Little Wing”. They don’t just do these tributes, though. Their own songs are well written. 4:00 in the Morning, One Foot Front and Can’t Forgive, Won’t Forget were good songs on the earlier CDs, they’re even better here. A guitar lover’s delight, this one, don’t miss it! (John Valenteyn, Maple Blues, August 2006)



(FIJM 2002) With Steve Rowe (guitar), Kenneth Pearson (B3 & Keyboards), David Paul Neil (drums), Alec McElcheran (bass), Lorraine Baldwin (BU Vocals)





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